The Program

Strategically Designed to Enable
You to Succeed with Speed

We know you’re busy. That’s why we’ve developed an approach that enables you to learn at your own pace and get up to speed faster and more efficiently. Regardless of how you prefer to learn (listening, watching or doing), we’ve got you covered and we reinforce what you’ve learned with a powerful combination of online testing and real-world, hands-on applications.  We realize that when you put theory into practice, there frequently are a lot of questions and further learning opportunities that come with it.  Thus, it was important to us to create a curriculum that went beyond the classroom and we instead created a program with extensive real-world opportunities.

As part of the Academy
you’ll get access to:

Unlimited 1:1 Coaching

These personalized sessions provide an invaluable opportunity to review topics that you may have questions about and answer questions specific to your situation. This custom coaching can fast track your progress and propel your business to the next level!

Biweekly Zoom Masterminds

Our online group meetings feature industry experts such as brokers, property managers, lenders, capital raisers, and marketing professionals. You’ll interact directly with knowledgeable professionals and receive valuable, actionable insights.

Biweekly Zoom Office Hours

As you progress through your multifamily journey, we know that you’ll have a lot of questions. The Academy offers standing office hours, providing you with a regular window of time to get the personalized answers you need while also learning from other students’ questions.

Live Due Diligence

Experience a live due diligence on a property in Arizona with the VSV team. You’ll be able to join us for the entire process from start to finish and shadow our property management team, their subcontractors, and walk units yourself. This HANDS ON approach will teach you what you should look for during due diligence, how we adjust our business plan according to the findings, how we adapt our underwriting according to contractor estimates and much more. This is one of the real world applications that are critical to your multifamily education and accelerate your learning journey.

Property Management Calls

Grow your asset management knowledge by attending up to four of our weekly property management calls. You’ll hear directly from our on site teams. We’ll review weekly scorecards, task list items, CAPEX project review, and any other property items that come up. This HANDS ON training will help you better forecast your expenses, budgets, and how to manage expectations with your property management team.

Live Student Events

Elite VSV Academy students meet twice a year in person for two full days of coaching, property tours, case study review, and networking. We bring in speakers, coaches, as well as our partners in the industry to ensure a broad range of topics are covered. We also walk several properties to share with you various business plans, renovation progress, and how we strategize for each property. And most importantly, we foster the community with team building and intentional fun so that you get the most out of these relationships.

Partnership opportunities with VSV

Breaking into the market can be challenging. From connecting with a broker to getting a deal to finally close with a lender, the jump from knowing how things work to actually doing it can be daunting. For our Elite students, we offer student deals where you can apply to partner with us. Or if you’ve found the right deal, VSV can partner with you to help you on things like securing a loan to closing the deal. The first deal is always the most difficult. We can help you reduce potential stress by leveraging our experience and connections. In the last year, our students have participated in over $300 Million of Assets across the country.

Exclusive Academy Portal Access

This dedicated student portal is a hub for you to access all the information and resources that you need. You can measure your progress, resume learning modules from exactly where you left off, receive event reminders and schedule your coaching calls.

Online Modules & Quizzes

Each online module takes you in-depth through important multifamily subjects like underwriting, acquisition, due diligence, loan process, legal, sales, raising capital, investor relations, asset management, and more. After viewing the module, you can test your knowledge with an online quiz when you are ready. Your coach can then review your test scores and your progress to tailor your 1:1 sessions so you receive a completely customized learning experience.

Slack Messaging Community

Community is critical to your growth in multifamily real estate. As a VSV Academy Elite student, you’ll be provided with access to our private Slack channel, where you can communicate real time with everyone in our VSV Academy family.

Vault of Resources

We are giving you access to our most critical resources so that we can help ensure that you hit the ground running! Academy students have access to our document library, containing editable document and spreadsheet templates. These materials include sample Letter of Intent, Purchase and Sale Agreement, Due Diligence Checklist, Property Management Task List, Loan Checklist, our proprietary Deal Analyzer, and much more.

There are various multifamily programs in the marketplace today.

And honestly, they’re all very similar. We encourage you to research what’s out there and compare to ensure that we are the right fit for you because this is a big investment in yourself. Here’s what makes us different. There are three levels of the program intended to meet your needs. Don’t know which one you should sign up for?


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