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We Unlock Vertical Potential


The SCALE  Model

We unlock maximum potential for our residents with the Superior Community Apartment Living Experience (SCALE™) and are the most sought-after partner in the multifamily industry.


The Vertical Way™

Be In Gratitude (BIG)

Go BIG in all circumstances.

Be Intentional

Invest in people and everyone we impact.

Be Inspiring

Educate, motivate, and empower others to achieve their fullest potential.

Be Transparent

Communicate openly and do what we say we’ll do.

Be Relentless

Challenge the status quo, even when things are working.

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Who We Are

We all lived the fast-paced corporate life and although we all did well in our individual rights, we wanted something MORE for ourselves and our families than what a W2 could afford us. We did NOT want to work until we were 65 to retire. We wanted something better, that would allow us the freedom to live life on our own terms. We wanted to be more present for life’s big moments NOW and passive income through multifamily investments allowed us to achieve financial freedom to do just that. Our partners have all “retired” from their corporate life and now focus their time on educating and helping others achieve their version of financial freedom.

Our Track Record

VSV has over $350MM of assets under management across Arizona and Texas. To date, VSV has taken 5 projects full cycle, meaning the property has gone from acquisition to full disposition or refinance. In addition to the full-cycle deals, the team has an active portfolio of 18 properties.

VSV Full Cycle Track Record